Saturday, July 5, 2008

The FGS Zimitz

The FGS Zimitz is a spaceship that travels the Farsec galaxy, it is very well known and costs a fourtune to ride, but is well worth the money. It travels from planet to planet, visiting their main attractions. The FGS is very luxrious, it has a ton of suites, each with a kitchenette, two beds, two TVs (if you pay extra, you can also get s video game system with the TVs), and a computer, and all the other small things normal hotels have to offer, it has two swimming pools, one for everyone and one for excecutive members. It also has a gravity making machine so you can walk around. The Zimitz has a rec room with the latest video game systems, computers, and pool tables, although they have other games too. There is a gym and an excersize room too. The Zimitz is definetly one ship you should ride in one's lifetime, even creatures from other Galaxies come to ride the Zimitz. It is well worth it, even though it would break your wallet, and maybe even your bank.